Importance of railings to prevent an injury

Grabrails are heavily known to help prevent injuries, whether you have them in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, and most importantly, as soon as people approach your home when going up your front steps, they become extremely useful and also provide a secure feeling when having your parents, friends or any other family members visiting your home. In terms of exterior railings, this is where we come in. Toronto Deck and Rail offers great products to help reduce the chances of getting into an injury. Here are a few places where we can help out:

Front Step Railings – Having a front step railing will allow peace of mind when trying to prevent an injury for yourself or even guests that come to your home. This can include your parents, other family members, friends, or even simply just delivery services (Amazon, Canada Post, and other individuals). Front Step Railings become an important thing to consider as you need to ensure that by the Ontario Building Code, your front step follows the proper requirements when it comes to needing an exterior railing(s).

Deck Railings – It is very common that we see decks over two feet in height from ground level, and end up requiring railings here in Ontario. Toronto Deck and Rail has aluminum exterior railings that are suitable for any deck, regardless of the size. To ensure that you are preventing any case of an injury that can occur on your deck, it’s recommended to have railings surrounding all falling edge areas.