Importance of railings when dealing with an injury

Dealing with an injury is extremely difficult and there can be some important factors to consider when entering and leaving your home. 

Should I have a railing on only one side of the stairs or both sides? Railings on both sides of the stairs allow you to still use your dominant hand while having the opportunity to use the other hand to be used as support. 

Front Step Railings – In terms of the railing style, you have the option to choose pickets or glass for your front step railing. Picket style will provide you with a more cost-friendly price that has a standard look whereas glass will allow for a more modern look but will have a slight increase in price when comparing the two. Another thing to consider is that glass involves a bit more maintenance in terms of cleaning, versus pickets is extremely low maintenance and still give your front step that safe feeling for all family members and friends when visiting.

Deck Railings – As for your deck railings, we have the same options in both pickets and glass, but also some other products to choose from. Are you looking for a bit of privacy at your home? Toronto Deck and Rail offers privacy walls that are 5 feet, 6 feet, and 6 and a half feet in height. Our privacy walls come in aluminum or pinhead glass. Aluminum privacy walls will give you the full amount of privacy whereas our pinhead privacy glass will still allow the sun to come through a bit but will showcase a strong “blurry” look to still have that privacy from your neighbors, or a variety of different situations. Toronto Deck and Rail also offers glass walls, which are available in the same heights as listed above. Glass walls are more to simply keep that modern look while blocking out all of the wind that may flow through the backyard. This becomes extremely useful when having guests over for a barbeque dinner as an example.