Why would you consider 36 inches vs 42 inches for the height of your exterior aluminum railings?

When you’re choosing the height of your exterior aluminum railings, there are a few factors to consider.

Am I meeting the Ontario Building Code’s requirements? 

Anything higher than 2 feet (generally 2 steps) needs at least 36 inch height railings by code. It’s very common that most front steps will fall under the umbrella of 36 inch height railings as most are in the 2 feet to 6 feet range. In terms of deck railings, it’s very common that we see 42-inch height railings as any falling edge that is over 6 feet, you would need 42-inch railings by code.

Will 42-inch height railings affect the view when I’m sitting on my deck? 

You might not think of this as that big of a deal, but it’s important to note that when you’re sitting down on your deck with 42-inch height railings, you might be eye level with the top railing, and it could cause you to not fully enjoy the view. Whereas, with 36-inch height railings, it’s very likely that your eye level is over the top rail, allowing you to clearly enjoy the beautiful view from your deck. Just note that as most decks have a falling edge of over 6 feet, by the Ontario Building Code, you would need to have 42-inch height railings. For most people, it’s not always that important to have that perfect view, but if the scenery is nice, and you need 42-inch height railings, Toronto Deck and Rail also offers topless glass, which doesn’t have the top rail but the glass is still 42 inches in height.