Toronto Deck and Rail is a branch of Winnipeg Deck and Rail and Ottawa Deck and Rail, a business run out of Winnipeg, Manitoba since 2007. We provide aluminum railing solutions to fit all of your needs.

We use the HomeRail aluminum railing system, and carry a large variety of styles and colours in our warehouse, reducing wait times for installation. 

Whether its a front step, front porch, back deck or rooftop balcony, we provide an installation service, as well as supply only for those who like to tackle their own projects.





Every project is different. That’s why it’s not always easy to know exactly what you’re looking for in a railing. Our team will help you to find a solution that works best for you.


A lack of communication can be frustrating. We focus our time to respond to your inquiries as fast as possible, so that your railing installation goes smoothly and efficiently.


Honesty is the best policy. We will always be upfront about project timelines, stock availability and installation scheduling. We will make it clear what our areas of expertise are, and explain consisely the ways in which we are able to assist our customers. In case of delays or issues in the shipping and installation process, we will let you know as much information as possible.