create a space that you can call your own

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Creating a personal space is important in maintaining a healthy relationship with oneself and with others. Spending time alone in a personal space can provide an emotional space that allows for breathing space and control in life. Installing a deck railing or privacy wall can help create an extra layer of personal space in your existing outdoor spaces.

A privacy wall on your deck or patio can also create a fun time with family and friends while still providing the privacy you desire. Our selection of privacy walls and deck railings includes classic styles and contemporary designs, giving you the design freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Colors to choose from

At Toronto Deck and Rail, we understand that life transitions can be challenging. That’s why we offer personalized design consultations to help you create a space that meets your unique needs. Our team can help you design a “crafts corner” for your children, or a “family desk” for those one-on-one chats. We are committed to helping you create the personal space that fosters healthy family relationships.

As a trusted community admin, we take pride in providing high-quality deck railings and privacy walls made from class materials. Our products are designed to provide maximum comfort while ensuring your safety. Choose Toronto Deck and Rail for your deck privacy wall and railing needs and experience our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

You can either install a deck privacy wall to maintain privacy on your deck or patio. Browse patio or deck privacy walls from our selection down below.

privacy walls

customized to your preferences

Privacy walls are available in many styles and heights, custom built for what you need. Choose either aluminum, glass or a mix of both. These are great for patios and deck’s where privacy is a priority.

  • Custom heights 60″ – 72″ – 80″

  • Aluminum or Glass

  • 6mm tempered safety glass


privacy wall styles to choose from

aluminum privacy walls

Simple and functional design that provides complete privacy, matches adjacent picket railings.

  • Easily assembled aluminum panels

  • Doesn’t rust or fade in color

  • Combos of aluminum and glass are possible


glass privacy walls

Modern design that provides partial or complete privacy, matches adjacent glass railings.

  • Hot tub coverage to have privacy outside

  • Keeps heat in on a cool summer night

  • Doesn’t need to be cleaned as much as clear glass


wind walls

customized to your preferences

glass wind walls

For the back patio or deck to maintain the view while protecting from wind

  • Patio railing for commercial application

  • Can be installed into wood or concrete

  • Cuts wind down so you can eat outside in comfort

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frequently asked questions

Although the aluminum walls are perfect for privacy, they aren’t code compliant for a guard rail on the side of the deck. In other words, aluminum windwalls can only be used as a divider on balconies.

The posts come in at 80″ (6 1/2″ ft) and can be cut down too any height.

The largest span you can do is 3ft or 21 sq. ft as per the manufacturer.

80″ is the tallest post that we have.

Yes. You can customize the height by cutting down our 80″ post.

Yes. You can do any combination of glass, fence, pickets. Consult with us with your design ideas.

It’s approximately $90-$110 per lin ft depending on your post spacing and scrap for the materials.

Yes. If you can build a standard square deck then installing the aluminum rail will be no problem.