The following listed prices are intended to provide an approximate cost based on historical data. Please contact a Toronto Deck and Rail sales associate for more details regarding the pricing for your specific project. Prices are determined by the following:

– Total linear footage of the project
– Alternative fasteners requirements (Concrete vs Wood mounting)
– Increased fastener length based on builder requirements
– Selected height of the railing (36″ vs 42″)
– Number of posts required per linear foot
– Location of the project


Installation is available for most railing and privacy wall projects. 

Standard picket railing systems are measured and cut on-site, saving the trouble of having a site visit prior to installation.

Glass railing systems are typically installed over 2 trips, as the glass must be measured, cut, and delivered at a later date. 

picket railings

IMG 20210111 130805 01 150x150 1

Standard Pickets

Standard Picket Railing system with 5/8" pickets.

Black Wide Picket 150x150 1

wide pickets

Standard Picket Railing system with 1 1/2" pickets.

Double Top Railing System 150x150 1

double top rail

Available with Standard and Wide Pickets.

glass railings

Black glass on the deck 150x150 1

6mm clear glass

Standard Glass Railing system with clear glass.

tinted glass railing winnipeg t 150x150 1

6mm bronze/grey

Standard Picket Railing system with 5/8" pickets.

Pool topless glass 150x150 1

10mm topless glass

Glass Railing (without the top rail) at 10mm thickness. Limited colors available.

20150616 133104 150x150 1

Privacy Glass

Standard Glass Railing with Privacy Glass.

wind walls

Black Aluminum windwall 150x150 1

privacy panels

Ranging from 5' up to 6.5' walls in height with Aluminum Panels.

Bronze glass Windwall 150x150 1

6mm clear glass

Ranging from 5' up to 6.5' Tall Clear Glass walls.

black matlux windwall 1 150x150 1

Privacy Glass

Glass Privacy Wall

other products

20160622 065506 150x150 1


Price may vary depending on style.

White Grabrail 150x150 1

grab rail

Handrail Bracketed to the wall.

steelprivacywall 150x150 1

6mm bronze/grey

Ranging from 5' up to 6.5' Tall Glass Walls in Bronze or Grey.

Contractor Discounts

Contractors affiliated with a specific company may be awarded a discount upon purchase of multiple railing projects. Please see sales associate for more details.